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Welcome to the Woden Brotherhood

Woden Brotherhood

Welcome to the new BlogSpot for the Woden Brotherhood which is the Inner Order of the Woden Folk-Religion. Those who enter this Warrior Order do so through the Call of the Blood. The aim of this Order is to work as the Mystery Religion or the Cult of Woden as the esoteric side of the Woden Folk-Religion, promoting and spreading the Ancient Wisdom through the Ar-Kan Rune-Lag which is the unique runic system devised within Woden's Folk.
Woden's Folk acts as the Hub of the Wheel of Woden whilst the Woden Brotherhood is that inner point at the very centre of the Folkish Movement. Around this revolves the Woden Folk-Religion and the English Resistance which is a non-centralised and non-structured movement. This involves a network of independent groups and individuals who are all working towards the same goals, with the same ideas, ideology and weltanshauung - a Folkish Movement.

There is one thing that stands Woden's Folk apart, and that is our esoteric work which forms the core of the growing Spiritual Movement. This esoteric work is always evolving and growing, step by step as we form a new ideology and a new weltanshauung. The core of this work is that of ideas which are far more dangerous than action at this particular time. One important aspect of that work is the Ancient Runes.
The guiding light to the runic revival was undoubtedly Guido von List, and today through such figures as Miguel Serrano and also Edred Thorsson. Working in different ways these figures have carried the Light of Knowledge forwards into this era - and era in which we await the coming of the Last Avatar. There are also many other rune-workers out there who have also continued the evolution of the runes in some way or another, and we should show respect for these people who share our great struggle - even though they may work in a different way than we do.


The symbol of the Wolf-Hook Rune is the Symbol of Resistance and has become the symbol of the English Resistance in its Folkish form. This is the Rune of Wid-Ar and the Wid-Ar Current (55-Current) which is the herald of the English Awakening and the preparation for the coming of the Last Avatar.
'We do hold hope for Woden's Folk, we hold hope for what remains of the Germanic Spirit in the Isle of Albion, in England...Miguel Serrano held hope for Woden's Folk and England, which he thought to be one of the last remnants of Aryan Land....'
Siddhareich Blog
We cannot - and will not - let down such a figure as Miguel Serrano and the lasting memory of his work and his sacrifice for the Folk. We cannot - and will not - let down those who have held faith in what we - Woden's Folk - have been doing now for sixteen years. Our Divine Mission was to prepare the way for the Coming of The Hooded Man (The Last Avatar) who will appear here in the White Island - the Isle of Albion. Albion - the Seventh Sword of Wayland - which will be 're-forged' by Woden's Folk as the rekindled Saxon Nation that will lead the English Nation to freedom and to the Final Victory (End-Sieg).
The Woden Brotherhood existed in name only until we were forced into change, but now it exists in form and is the core of Woden's Folk and the Woden Folk-Religion, which itself forms the core of the English Resistance Movement. Worn on the ritual robes of the Woden Brotherhood is the Death's Head which is symbolic of Woden - the One-Eyed Hunter-God.

The Woden Brotherhood is a Shadow Brotherhood, acting as a kind of dark shadow to Woden's Folk, and works solely at the esoteric level rather than the exoteric level. Within this Warrior Order is another hidden level known only to those who are active within it.

Woden's Folk is the publishing outlet for the Woden Folk-Religion, but it is far more than that - it is the core of the WFR and as such acts as the new Teaching Order within the Woden Folk-Religion. This is the first attempt (as far as I am aware) that a Wodenist Group has come up with the idea of teaching and training people to become Wodenists of the future. This is not merely a physical training program but a new and virile spiritual training program open to anyone who reads our websites and blogs. (The work is there for those who want to take this up.)

Woden's Folk was formed on April 23rd 1998 and entered a period of disruption and chaos which formed the process of 'death & destruction', was 'resurrected' on Sunday April 20th 2014, moving through the rebirth period into April 23rd 2014, and then through the 'Night of the Long Knives' - Walpurgis Night 2014 - into May Day (May 1st) when the final process ended with the complete 'rebirth' of WF into a new and virile form that would finally usher in the era of preparation for the Coming of The Hooded Man which forms the core of Wolf's Prophecy.

The English Resistance Movement grew out of Woden's Folk and became the gathering-force for the English Folk against the Dark Forces of the Jotun. Our work became well known through the YouTube videos of our Sacred Torchlight Rite at Avebury and then at Wayland's Smithy. This will not end there and will be continued into the future through our work of the English Resistance.

The Irmin Cult or Ar-Man Cult now stands at the centre of the Woden Folk-Religion since the knowledge of the role of the Saxon Nation was shown in its full meaning. (I was advised by an unknown individual some years ago to adopt the idea of the Saxon Nation - he wrote this in the Holy Runes - but did not take this up. I have realised now that this was an error on my part which will now be put right, and to this individual I now owe a 'thanks'. This, perhaps, shows the power of Woden to work through various different individuals, until such time as the Vital Power is concentrated into The Chosen One (Last Avatar) when the whole thing comes into manifestation.)

The Long Man of Wilmington is the Sacred Centre of the Cult of Woden and thus of the Woden Folk-Religion. This figure is that of the Waendal who is the 'world-turner' and an aspect of Woden as The Fool. He stands within a 'gateway', indeed, he is opening the Gateway to the Gods - facing the North, towards At-al-land/Thule and to the Ur-Lands of the English Folk. Just to the east of this hill-figure is Hunter's Burgh which (in name) reflects that of the One-Eyed Hunter-God - Woden - and which is balanced in the west by the White Horse which is the Steed of the Last Avatar. Above this hill-figure is a Long Barrow in which is buried Eight Bottles in the shape of the Fylfot-Swastika, bottles that bore the image of Father Time holding a blond-haired, blue-eyed boy depicting this Millennium Ale and buried on the night of August 10th 1999, powered by a ritual at 11.00 the next day on August 11th 1999 - powered to awaken the Aryan Millennium and the Last Avatar.

He will come - riding a White Horse and carrying a Flaming Sword ('Battle-Flame') which is the Sword of Hengest (passed to Woden's Folk) - and bearing the true symbol of the White Dragon (the Coiled Winged Serpent) on his shield, and heralded by the appearance of the Hale-Bopp Comet, arising from the Sacred Mountain of the Arya. This is Wid-Ar - the Man to Come - and he is the Last Avatar and the Resurrection of Woden as the Woodland Warrior.
When the Wild Hunt rides England will tremble!





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