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Cultic Brotherhood


Woden Brotherhood - Cultic Brotherhood


A brotherhood of folk coming together is not enough as an Inner Order since this requires a Cultic Brotherhood with its own unique rites and initiations - it has to be a Cultic Initiation Brotherhood. This must have its own initiations which have to be undertaken in order for people to get involved. These will be a higher level than Wodenic Profession and the initiation process must be far harder and far more structured in order to test the candidate as to their abilities and also their dedication and the will to struggle against all odds.

The Woden Brotherhood will become the Inner Order of the Woden Folk-Religion and will be based upon a Cultic Brotherhood with Cultic Initiations. It will have within it a Cultic Warrior Order which will be known as the Wolf Brotherhood based upon the Wolf Totem. This section will deal with the teaching and training through the Ulfhednar Combat & Survival, training in the Warrior Arts (Martial Arts) and Survivalism. The symbol of the Wolf-Hook Rune will be used within these orders, as well as the Holy Fylfot which is one of our most sacred symbols.

We have always worked through small groups and our aim never was to form a large organisation, since numbers are not important to us. We know that we have a large following, not only here in England but in other lands too. Our aim is to lead by example, and to create a Folkish Heathen Movement made up of independent groups and individuals who are working towards the same end, promoting the same ideology, ideas and weltanshauung.

The Woden Brotherhood will promote the ancient Irmin-Cult (Ar-Man Cult) which was the basis of the religion of the Saxon Nation. This will become a new form of 'priesthood' but not in the sense of an organised religion, but as a form of magico-mystical warrior-elite trained for leadership when the time comes. We have to lead by our own example since we do not command the discipline of the establishment and its forces. We have to gain the respect of our followers which is a far cry from the way that the established order maintains control, through creating fear and through the bullying of individuals into submission.

The Woden Brotherhood will be an Oath Brotherhood which is the basis of any Cultic Brotherhood, and an oath cannot be broken since to do so makes the offender a Warg in the Woods - an 'outcast' from the Tribe of Woden. This is why an oath cannot be made unless it can be kept. An oath is a bond, and this binds us together as a group, and binds us together with our Gods and Ancestors. This set-up is akin to the ancient Germanic Mannerbund but in a modern form to suit the era in which we are living.

The aim of this will be to get people away from the materialistic consumer society and the rampant technological nightmare, and to recreate the barbaric ethos needed to experience 'God' once more - a new experience of 'God'. This is the true aim of any religion, and the true meaning of the word 'religion' - the direct experience of the divine. We do not need a 'priesthood' that mediates between man and the gods, we need a religion which encourages everyone involved to directly experience the gods.
The one thing that set Woden's Folk apart from other groups was that we were ever-changing and ever-evolving. The 'wind of change' sent by Woden acts like a 'hurricane' blasting away the old, renewing our movement in a new form in order to survive the onslaught that we will always have to face through the work of disruption by the enemies of our Folk. We have arisen stronger than before, with the will to carry on this struggle against all odds.

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